TDS Business Internet Security

Provides your business with virus protection against cyber security threats that enter during desktop and laptop usage, delivering frontline defense and ensuring worry-free use of the Internet. Get peace of mind from TDS large or small business internet security.
TDS Internet Security Partner F-Secure "First Rate" by PCWorld

Business Value

TDS Business Internet Security complements your LAN, our virus protection blocks threats introduced at the computer level and safeguards your company assets.
Automatic business internet security updates clean and fix PCs so they can operate at peak performance, reducing employee frustration and increasing productivity.
TDS Business Internet Security has no subscription renewals and is easy to install and configure, providing easy-to-manage large or small business cyber security packages. Most importantly, our internet security allows you to focus on your core business.

TDS Business Internet Security is only available to TDS High Speed Internet customers. Other anti-virus software must be uninstalled before installing TDS Internet Security. May take up to 24 hours before installations are available to the customer.